Radiation monitoring system "RADMON-1" - the embodiment of a new technology for decentralized radiation monitoring.
    Automated Radiation Monitoring System (ARMS) are used mainly for radiation hazardous objects and represent complex hardware and software systems, which include a number of sensors (stations) that transmit data to a central location. These systems are expensive and require constant maintenance. Development of microprocessor technology and network technologies open up entirely new opportunities for decentralized-radiation monitoring. At the turn of 2013 and 2014 by our entity was developed and tested new tools for continuous radiation monitoring with results transition for local area networks and the Internet.

    Simplified algorithm of work is as the next:
    • a remote detector (scintillator or Geiger-Mueller) converts gamma radiation to an electrical signal which enters the microprocessor processing unit,
    • data processing unit performs processing of the measurement results and sends data to the Internet server,
    • data on the radiation background displayed on an interactive world map. When you click on a marker to current indications of MeV appears below the map chart of gathered data,
    • view the data on the site http://opyt.com.ua can anyone who has access to the Internet.

    From the user system is not required any servers or constantly-working computers! You only need to connect to the Internet. If there is no wired Internet, you can use the 3G or GPRS. All equipment is fully automatic - after the accumulating data on gamma-ray background and transmits them to the Internet. When disconnection or power-cycle power operation is restored without operator intervention.
    Structurally, the device radiation monitoring "RADMON-1" consists of remote detection unit with microprocessor and power supply - (PoE adapter). The detection unit has ingress protection IP67 (to put it simply, sealed) and is set at the control of radiation background just under the open sky. Its range of operating temperatures - from minus 30 °C to 50°C plus. PoE adapter is installed in the room and connect to the Internet and a network of 220 V. All the product small-sized and weighs less than 1 kg.

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